It’s hot!

Quick version…

Put on sunscreen before you arrive, loose clothing is best for mosquitos, bring extra clothing layers in a bag, and check the weather.

Extended version…

Cool or rainy? Avoid cotton: don’t wear cotton next to your skin. If it gets wet, even from sweat, it will be cold. Umbrellas are more satisfying than raincoats in the rain, if you have both, even better. Dress more warmly than usual since we sit often and when we walk it is very slowly. You can bring a light bag with an extra layer and water bottle.

Sun: definitely wear sunscreen but even better is if you have long-sleeved clothes that aren’t too hot. Consider sunglasses and a hat too.

Bugs: mosquitos can’t get you through loose fitting clothes. A great hack is to bring a light blanket! If it is tick season and we have done some activity that has even a small amount of tick-risk, you will be told at the event how to do a tick check once you get home.

Binders: Binders should be fine at events since we move very slowly and don’t break a sweat. We sit often. When we are exploring, it is at your own pace.

Cancellations: We still do events in the rain, smoke, extreme heat, but we may shorten or alter an event. If the smoke or weather seems extreme, keep an eye on your email since info will arrive!