Time in nature is shown to have many positive wellness benefits.

Understory is one-on-one time with a spiritual ally outside. While eco-therapy informed, your guide is not a therapist – nature is! Your “spiritual ally” is just that - an ally to your spirituality. Whatever your journey, we are here for you as a listener, mirror, witness and companion.

Emberwood’s practice is informed by eco arts expressive therapies, shinrin-yoku (translated as forest bathing), ritual and ceremony creation, Jungian depth psychology, Integrative Body Psychology and embodied spirituality practices.

What to expect

Alison will meet you at a park or wild place near your home or work. A typical session involves eco-therapy informed mindfulness activities in nature and optional deep listening.

Understory is usually 1.5 hours long. You have an initial session to try it out and if you feel like it is a good fit, we can book further sessions.

Who this is for

Understory is for any age! We work with kids, teens, young adults and adults. You can also have any relationship (positive or negative or none) to nature. Activities are adapted to suit.


Understory is priced on a pay-what-you-can basis. Consider what you might pay for a 1.5 hour yoga class or for counselling. If a suggestion is helpful, we recommend between $20-100/session.

You can also purchase Understory in blocks of sessions in advance.

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