Emberwood financial

Money! We want to be transparent about where Emberwood is at financially and our goals around this.

Money coming in to Emberwood: Right now, the main source of income is from gatherings and one-on-ones and a $4000 grant. We want to be financially accessible for folks, so most offerings are on a pay-what-you-can basis. Do not hesitate to actually pay only what you can right now. We will never comment on the amount you choose and it will remain confidential. It is already forgotten. If you can pay more that suggested amounts, please consider doing so! This helps keep events accessible.

Money going out from Emberwood: The gatherings need wood, treats, and some base supplies like extra fleece sweaters for people to borrow. We are also in progress to use some income to offset our CO2 through Bullfrog Power. Other expenses are website hosting, gas, and the biggest one is labour.

Emberwood has been supported by:


Donors - $1000 was raised at our 2019 Valentine’s fundraiser The Wild Side of Wildlife and Fun Facts Fundraiser. Thank you!

rainbow connection.png

Embracing the Spirit - $4000 ‘Innovation Grant’ - currently being paid out at $500/month spring and summer 2019. Embracing the Spirit is enthusiastically and generously supported by the people of The United Church of Canada through their Mission & Service giving. An Embracing the Spirit ‘Growth Grant’ has also been received by Rainbow Connection ($15,000 for all programming) and a portion will be flagged for Emberwood, perhaps in 2020.


Rainbow Connection - $750/ month for 5 months, 2018-2019. Rainbow Connection supports, develops, and builds programs and community initiatives to meet the needs of our Edmonton community, especially for 2SLGBTQ folks.

SSUC - in-kind printing, photocopying, use of office space, programming space, and support with grants, 2018-2019. Spiritual Seekers United in Community (Southminster-Steinhauer United Church) is an 2SLGBTQ affirming gathering place.

Volunteers - each month we have volunteers who do the registration at events and offer a carpool. Thank you!


If you have skills in these areas let’s talk about trading! Usually the trade would be 1 hour for 1 hour. If you’d like to volunteer, that’s wonderful too! Currently we are looking for photography, videography, logo design, volunteering at the full moon event - signing folks in, or offering the carpool, writing a piece about your experience at an Emberwood event, sewing.


Would you like to partner with Emberwood, or sponsor an event or someone’s registration fee? Interested in supporting our programming or donating something in-kind? Please be in touch to discuss!