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15 people. 7 skill-building sessions. 1 night. 24 hours to Rewild.

Weekly gatherings to prepare for a 24-hour solo in nature to Rewild your soul. Connect with nature. Challenge yourself. Rewild.

Prerequisites: None! No experience needed. You will be taught everything you need to know!

Age: Grade 12 to older adults.

Location: Blackmud Creek Ravine and SSUC when we need an indoor space; Narrow Lake for our trip.

Dates: Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 PM Sept. & Oct.; overnight trip Fri Oct. 11 & Sat 12.

Registration: Apply to attend with the form below. 4 spots are held for those entering grade 12 in fall 2019. Rewild is capped at 15 participants.

Cost: $325 (see below for cost breakdown). Six registrations at $325 are needed at minimum. Other spots can be offered for reduced fees (see sliding scale on form below). If you are selected to join, a $50 confirmation fee will be due, with the following $275 due by about the end of September. Payment plans welcome.

Deadline: Applications are due Friday August 16th. Late registration will remain open until we reach our cap of 15 or Sept 1st.


Week 1, Sept. 4th: Community building and gear essentials. Introduction: meet your guides and spiritual allies Alison Brooks-Starks and Zoe Chaytors. Hear about their experiences with solo trips (including a 28 day solo). Meet your new Rewild mates and join them in researching the best gear for a night alone in nature. Start to build a pack list. Learn why ‘cotton kills,’ and what the best materials are to keep you warm and cozy. Receive your field books and journals.

Eco-therapy connection: sit spots

Solo length: 10 minutes

Week 2, Sept. 11th: Sense of smell and risk. Learn how to go to the bathroom in the backcountry and practice the skill. We will share the plan for food on Rewild and how to keep animals out of your stores. Discuss of the importance of fire, the Rule of 3 of survival and Leave No Trace principals. Learn the safety plan for Rewild and practice it together.

Eco-therapy connection: connecting to nature with our 53 senses

Solo length: 20 minutes

Week 3, Sept. 18th: Shelter building, weather considerations. Demonstration and practice of building your own shelter out of materials from the wild that could be used to sleep comfortably outside in the fall. Learn where to best build a shelter and what to use to build it.

Eco-therapy connection: fractals and our body is nature

Solo length: 30 minutes

Week 4, Sept. 25th: The psychology of solos, the fear and joy of solitude. Share concerns and excitement about upcoming trip and 24 hour solo. Learn what is happening in the brain when we are anxious and discuss plans to lower stress when needed. Hear about the enlivening and fulfilling benefits of time alone in nature.

Eco-therapy connection: symbols from nature have meaning

Solo length: Night solo: 30 minutes

Week 5, Oct. 2nd: Longer solo and debrief. Practice spending a long time alone and share your experience after with the group.

Eco-therapy connection: nature is alive

Solo length: 1.5 hours

Week 6:

Oct. 7th (Monday): Gear swap and shopping trip. Trade and borrow gear from lenders and each other, then afterward we will head to second-hand shops to find anything else that we are missing. Be prepared to potentially do one more shopping trip on your own after this.

Oct. 9th: Pack check. Learn how to conduct a pack check for friends or groups heading out on trips. Check each other’s packs and confirm that they are ready to go for the weekend.

Fri .Oct. 11th & Sat. Oct. 12th Thanksgiving Weekend: Rewild. Narrow Lake overnight trip. Friday early morning until Saturday early evening. Drive, prep, lunch, SOLO after lunch for 24 hours, share stories over group lunch on Saturday, drive home.

Solo length: 24 hours

Week 7, Oct. 13 (Sunday): Optional storytelling at Full Moon ritual. Share a highlight from your time Rewilding with the Emberwood community. Join our monthly full moon fire. Rewild’s usual Wednesday time is a week off (no session Oct. 16) to let the experience settle and sink in to the body.

Solo length: 10 min

Week 8, Oct. 23: Debrief with Rewild community. How are you changed? What did you learn? What was unforgettable? Who are you now, after your experience with Rewild?

Solo length: 20 min

Week 9, Oct. 30th: Graduation party with guests, storytelling, receive certificates. Join friends and family as they gather to see you receive your certificate in having completed a 24-hour solo.

More information:

Cost breakdown: Rewild is about 40 hours, which is the same length as a university course. At $325, each of the 10 session is $20, with the trip $125. Costs cover 2 guides, all group gear, some individual gear, food, and the ability to offer subsidized rates to folks who need it. Please also budget in the likely purchase of some gear (and get ready to borrow!) and splitting gas to Narrow Lake (2 hrs one way).

Safety: This trip is about learning, inner knowledge, and connecting to nature. Though you can expect to be challenged in many ways, it is not about fear or physical struggle. While you will learn survival skills, Rewild is not a survival trip, it is a spiritual pilgrimage into yourself through nature. You can expect to have all the skills necessary to do a 24 hour solo by the time of Rewild. Risk management is our top priority.

Guides: Your guides have experience in the field. Alison has done a 24-hour solo in a shelter at the tender age of 16, a 5-day solo camping trip, and a 28-day solo backcountry canoe trip. She has done overnight shelter building, including winter camping, a half dozen times. Alison has created a 24 hour solo trip for a group. She holds Remote Responder (wilderness first aid), lifeguarding, and an education degree. Zoe has extensive experience in the backcountry.

Want to know more or ask questions? Contact Emberwood or come to the info night!

Connect with nature. Challenge yourself. Rewild.

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