About Emberwood

Emberwood is about getting you outside and in relation to nature to connect you to your core self! We are exploring the intersection of nature and spirituality through an eco-therapy lens.

Emberwood respectfully acknowledges its gatherings are on Treaty 6 and Métis Territory, the ancestral and current homeland of many Indigenous nations such as the Cree, Métis, Blackfoot, Nakota Sioux, Dene-Tha and Papas Chase First Nation.

Vision: Emberwood envisions a world where people understand themselves as part of nature

Our mission is: to connect people to their deeper selves through experiences outdoors, with a focus on those who are often marginalized from nature and spiritual places


Receiving – Rather than ‘taking’ whatever we want from nature, we develop a way of being with the natural world where we receive the gifts that are offered. We provided introvert-friendly spaces where people feel able to receive without giving.

Flow – We are receptive and responsive to the needs of our community and change to flow where the river is taking us.

Wholeness – We recognize that many aspects of life are categorized into binaries where one side of the pair is valued over the other. We seek to hold both-at-once and honour non-binary ways of being.

Queering – We are queering nature and we are queering spirituality: we bring into nature those who have been shown that nature is not ‘for’ them, and we provide a spiritual place for those who do not experience spiritual places as safe for them.

Nature-led – We are nature-led. We stop for animals. We are out in all seasons. We understand nature to be an active partner in our healing and learning.